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Breakfast foods for energy: Try whole grain cereals and porridges
Kitchen Series It 7 A.M., the alarm goes off, and you hit the ground running.  Your body is starting another day, it needs energy for fuel.  What do you choose for breakfast? Do you make time to eat in the morning at all?The type of fuel you choose at this point will determine your energy levels for much of the day.

A healthy breakfast should give you lots of energy and boost your metabolism for the day. Some of the best choices are whole grain cereal or porridge.

Why Whole Grains for Breakfast?

Whole grains are complex carbohydrates – an energy source that burns slowly throughout the day and contains lots of fiber.  Studies show that eating breakfast with higher fiber keeps you satisfied longer throughout your day.

Energy Crash: The cost of skipping breakfast

If you skip breakfast, you are more likely to “crash” from lack of fuel and this often leads to poor choices like sugary snacks, pastries and junk food.  So start your day right with whole grain cereal, porridge and some fruit like blueberries or strawberries.No time for breakfast?

Try keeping hot cereal or healthy cereal at the office, that way you can still reap the benefit of a good breakfast.  My favorite healthy breakfast is oatmeal porridge with bananas, cinnamon and ground flax.bigstock-tasty-oatmeal-with-berries-is-40588099

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