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Alkalize Your Body With A Hot Lemon Drink

Your daily detox

iStock_000019310109XSmallOne of the easiest ways to add a gentle detox or cleanse into your routine, is with lemon.  Although lemon is thought of as an acidic fruit, it is highly alkalizing once it goes into your body.  This means that it helps your body to be in a state that is more balanced and health-creating.The modern diet contains many processed, sugary, caffeinated and fried foods that make our bodies acidic.  An acidic body is more prone to disease and makes us feel tired, moody and unmotivated.  Alkalizing foods also help the liver, which is the main organ that has to detoxify the majority of the toxins in the body.  By helping your liver, you give your whole body a boost!  Other alkalizing foods are vegetables, especially green leafy veggies.

Hot Lemon Drink Recipe

1 cup of warm water
Juice of ½ of lemon
1 tsp of honey or maple syrup

So try starting your day with warm water and fresh lemon juice.  You can add honey or maple syrup to sweeten.  This is also a great drink after a heavy meal that will give your digestion a boost.

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Your body will be sure to thank you!  Give it a try and let us know what you think! We love getting feedback. And here on this blog, you’ll get commentluv so don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog when you comment.

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  • Roberta

    Questions: I think that the lemon drink will be great. I use it when I have a cold or cough, so it probably will help the whole body if I take it regularly. We just enjoy your pies and other products so much, we have told so many people about your store. cheers Roberta. Do they still have the Coterie Club, and how do you participate in it. thanks.

  • Vince’s

    Hi Roberta,
    Thanks for your email and for your great feedback and referring us to your friends and family – we really appreciate it!! Yes, the lemon drink is a great way to soothe the symptoms of colds, I like to add some ginger and honey to mine when I’m feeling under the weather. Definitely using this drink daily will help your body gently detoxify and help your overall well-being.

    The Coterie Club is our loyalty program for customers and it is very easy to sign-up. Next time you are in at your local Vince’s, speak with one of our cashiers who can walk you through the sign-up process. It only takes a minute.

    Thanks from the folks at Vinces

  • Roberta

    What a super idea with the lemon juice and warm water, it really makes you feel good. thank you.

  • Vince’s

    HI Roberta,
    Glad you are enjoying the alkalizing tips, watch for today and Thursday’s blog where I discuss which foods are acidic and which ones are alkaline.