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Vince’s Market Visits Ryding Regency – Ontario Meat Supplier

Vince's Market Meat DeptWhile I am sure everyone knows that Carmen goes to the market to get fresh produce, we actually procure meat in the same way. I am Brian Johns, a partner at Vince’s Market. I look after the meat departments. Over the years, I have built relationships with many different local Ontario meat packers and distributors. Much like produce, it is extremely important to have strong relationships, to ensure you are getting the best quality product at the best possible price.

Over the next couple of weeks, as everyone starts to dust off their BBQs, I am going to be telling you about a couple of the different people and companies I do business with. You will discover that not only do we carry a line of meats called Liberterre, that are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics, but we also deal with local meat packers, right here in the GTA.

My first stop on the tour to show you how we do business, was to Ryding Regency in Toronto. The Stockyard District has been surrounded with Starbucks and Walmart now, but in the early hours of the day, the district still hums with activity as it continues to feed the city as it has for decades.

After, I take you back to the store, to “close the loop” on how everything works. Enjoy the tour, and have confidence in the fact that our Team and the store will be able to look after you grilling needs!

Try these steaks and let us know what you think! We love getting feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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Brian Johns

I have to say, when Giancarlo asked me to write a few blogs, I didn’t jump at the opportunity, but over the years, you come to realize that this business and the people that are a part of it, are pretty unique. The idea has grown on me as I understand that Giancarlo wants to show you, our customers, what makes our stores different – the people!

Brian Johns has been working in the business since his now Partner, Carmen Trimarchi hired him 18 years ago.  Being a Partner at Vinces Market means negotiating with vendors, design flyers, mopping floors and smiling with every scrub.

Brian also sits on the Board of Directors for the National Organization of Distribution Canada (dci).  Further, he is a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his past and present work in the community.


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  • James

    My family used to do business with Ryding Regency. They are a solid company that always delivers quality meat. Most of which is found in your local grocery stores.

  • Vince’s

    Thanks James for your comment!