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Produce Update from Carmen at Vince’s Market

Vince's Market fresh produceHi, it’s Carmen here. With June upon us, we are happy to welcome back and give you an update on Ontario produce. We’ve missed it!

Ontario asparagus is in full season and it’s been a good year so far for the crop. Tenderness and taste are some of the best we have seen in many years. If you missed our last blog post, please check out this delicious Grilled Balsamic Asparagus recipe.

In peak season right now is Ontario Greenhouse products, also known as Hot House products. These products are often referred to as being hydroponically grown, which means that the growing is conducted without soil, but rather nutrient rich water solutions. This growing method allows Ontario Greenhouse growers to produce product all year long. With the long days of spring, this growing method peaks in May and June. Available right now are English Cucumbers, Coloured Peppers and multiple varieties of Tomatoes (beefstake and on the vine). There is no better time than now for taste and quality.

A nice sign that summer is around the corner, Ontario Strawberries are just starting to trickle in and are available.

Field grown products are late this year as a result of the cold spring. We have received our first crop of bunch radishes and expect that by next week we will see the leaf lettuces, green onions, carrots and beets.

Every day, more and more Ontario farmers are appearing at the food terminal and it is nice to reconnect and see how their winter was. I have been doing business with many of them for over 20 years and they are more than just suppliers to me, they are trusted friends.

The Ontario Food Terminal is definitely alive with variety right now and you cannot beat the smell of the day’s selection on a crisp spring morning. As you may or may not know, I visit the terminal 5 days a week to pick out the produce that is sold at our Vince’s Market locations. It is a job I have been doing for well over 30 years. The excitement and enjoyment of sourcing out the best products for my customers is a job I take great pride in. If you haven’t seen this video, please take a moment to watch it now.

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