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Vince’s Market Celebrates the Holidays and a 25th Anniversary
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The year has flown by and at this time of year we celebrate the holidays and reminisce about the past and all that has transpired. At Vince’s Market, we are so very grateful to have been supported by our amazing customers and vendors. We think back to our roots and where we have come from. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Vince’s was being operated as a small fruit stand in Sharon, ON with a tin roof and dirt floor. 2014 is a very special year as it signifies the 25th anniversary of the Sharon store, 15th anniversary of Vince’s Newmarket and 5th anniversary of Vince’s Uxbridge.

The holiday season at Vince’s has always been special. Whether it be the return of our seasonal staff, the visits by familiar faces, the excitement and energy of preparing for the days leading up to Christmas, or the exhaustion setting in – Christmas brings with it a sense of joy and optimism.

Growing up in the food business was always exciting, but never more so than at Christmas. Traditions are an important part of the season, and our family tradition always centered around our family business. My father Carmen would be in the back directing the staff and working on packaging produce. Carmen’s mother would be working beside him and his father trimming leaf vegetables at the produce sink. My sister Alessandra would be on cash and my mother Rosalia would be helping put platters together in the salad bar prep room. I would be working in produce or bagging at cash. It is a memory of family and togetherness that will stay with me my entire life. Once done, we would head home where my mother would prepare a delicious traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner of a variety of seafood, and then we would settle down for the only time of year when dad would be home for two days straight.

Every year on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, we would have to go into the stores to make sure that everything was still ok; check the fridges, check the freezers, and turn on the ice making machines. One year while Carmen and I were doing our rounds, the phone started ringing. We let it go the first time, but it rang again. When we answered, there was a frantic man on the other line. He had purchased a turkey and placed it in his garage fridge. When he went to get it on Christmas morning to put it in the oven, he realized the fridge had no power and the bird had gone bad. Well the stars had aligned, and within 20 minutes he was at our store and we were able to get him a suitable spiral ham with some other products to make the meal work.

I would like to think that those two stories illustrate who we are as a family and as a business. We just try to stay true to who we are and where we come from.

With Christmas upon us, from our family to yours, we wish you a very safe, happy and relaxing Christmas.



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