Finding Protein Without All the Meat

healthy protein sources Eat more protein for a balanced diet; eat more protein to lose weight; eat more protein for increased energy. It seems like protein is the magic potion to all of our food consumption. However, when we think about getting adequate amounts of protein into our diets we instantly think of all meat products.

For those individuals who are not carnivores, the ‘eat more protein’ phrase can seem like a tricky and somewhat overwhelming task. So the big question at hand is what sources other than meat, can we load up on this super-important-macronutrient needed to stay healthy? Continue reading

Healthy Diet Plan for the New Year

Fresh produce Newmarket Uxbridge Sharon Ontario We are all looking for ways to eat clean and healthy. For some of us, the New Year is all about major life changes – starting with healthy living that includes regular exercise and a new diet plan. For the high achievers out there – we admire you! For many, the realization that our lofty goals may not be achievable and we revert back to past tendencies. For those of us (myself included) – don’t lose hope!

What many nutritionist, dieticians and even doctors will tell you is it is all about identifying achievable targets. Small changes that you can make in your life and diet that can be upheld and practiced day in and day out. Continue reading

Questions you Want your Grocer to Answer & 2015 Trends

Happy New Year copy 2015 is here! As a blog subscriber, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for following Vince’s Market and keeping up to date with us. We feel so fortunate to have a loyal and engaged customer group who keep us informed of how we are doing. This constant feedback is so important as an independent grocer and local business to make sure we continue to be relevant to you! With this in mind, we are currently asking you to help us with our weekly Blog topics for 2015! We are asking you – what questions have you always wanted your grocer to answer? What topics are important to you in 2015? What insights into our business would you like to know? Go to our Facebook page and leave us a comment. You will be entered to win a $50 Vince’s Market gift card.

Trends have become so important to how food is viewed and purchased. So what will happen with food in 2015? There is a lot of stuff out there that you can read – Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert, is a trusted source and says “The top food trends for 2015 indicate people’s palates are continuing to evolve and they are gravitating toward streamlined grocery shopping experiences that are convenient for their lifestyles. In 2015, look for brands and merchants to advance their product offerings and shopping amenities to meet these demands.
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2014 In Review at Vince’s Market

Vince's Market We hope that you all had a safe and fun holiday! We realize that we might not get a lot of reads on this week’s blog as people continue on with their family traditions; watching World Junior Hockey, finding boxing week deals, watching old movies, spending quality time with family, etc., so this week we will keep the blog short and sweet with our 2014 ‘In Review at Vince’s Market’.

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Holiday Tips for Preparing Cheese Platters and Selecting Seasonal Fruit

tips for cheese plates Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from all of us here at Vince’s. The next time we post, the Christmas rush will be over and our eyes will be set on New Years. Until then, lets indulge a little and enjoy all different kinds of foods with our families and adopt some new food traditions! This week, we look at the before and after dinner combo of cheese and fruit. Here are tips on preparing a great cheese platter and selecting seasonal fruit.

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6 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holiday Season

healthy holiday eating tips The holiday season is a time of year when we tend to over eat! Do you know why? An obvious reason is the abundance of food that is so easily accessible; cookies, pies, eggnog, and turkey with all the trimmings. Everywhere you look there are luscious and delicious desserts, staring back at you. While the presence of these foods makes you have cravings and overeat, the real reason is stress. It makes you crave sugary, fatty foods and weakens your ability to make good choices. Below are 6 healthy eating tips to help you get through the busy holiday season and beyond.

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Planning Ahead for an Enjoyable Holiday Season

Family at Christmas The last and best month of the year, in my opinion, is finally here. With Christmas just around the corner, the month can go by rather quickly and time can easily get ahead of us. Before we find ourselves ringing in the New Year (with Christmas seeming like a blur), let’s focus on planning ahead for an enjoyable holiday season by alleviating some of the stress that accompanies this very exciting, but busy time of year.
  1. Get Organized – Organization is key. Make lists for groceries, people to shop for, cards to write, decorations to buy. Sit down with a calendar and give yourself target dates for getting things done.

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Vince’s Market Announces Their 1st Annual 12 Days of Giving!

Vince's Market 12 Days of Giving It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that Vince’s Market announces their 1st Annual 12 Days of Giving! With the help of the team members at Vince’s Market, we have created a fun and festive video to announce the contest. Please take a few moments to watch it!


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Vince’s Market Honours Those Who Serve This Great Country

rememberance day Each year we pause on November 11th at the 11th hour to honour those who have given their lives for protecting peace and the freedoms Canadian’s hold so dear. Vince’s Market dedicates this week’s blog post to those who have and continue to serve for this great country. It is not lost upon us the great sacrifice that has been made.

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What to do with your Pumpkin Seeds – 5 Great Ideas

Halloween is here and it is such a fabulous evening to be shared for children, teens and adults alike. Everyone can get into the spirit with a little creative thought and planning. We wish all of our customers and your families a safe, warm and fun Halloween night full of tricks and treats. So we wanted to offer some great advice for what to do with all those pumpkin seeds that you have hollowed out. We aren’t the experts, but we scoured the web for some great suggestions and tips and present to you: 12 Things to Do with Pumpkin Seeds. Thank you to for putting together this great list of recipes and suggestions. Here are our 5 favourites! Halloween Candy Newmarket Uxbridge Sharon Ontario

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