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Eat LOCAL this Civic Holiday Weekend

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As Ontarians we need to spoil ourselves at this time of year with as many local products as possible. I can’t stress this enough. This is one of the few months of the year that our warm weather peaks allowing our local farmers to harvest their crops. Missing out on their delicious offerings would be straight up ‘un-Canadian’. :-) Not only are we supporting the little farm next door but we are nourishing our bodies with mineral and vitamin rich products processed using traditional methods. And boy can you ever taste the difference!


What’s LOCAL in Store at Vince’s Market

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Vince’s Market is proud to be a supporter of LOCAL products and suppliers year round. There is no better time than right now to be enjoying all that our great local farmers are providing in the produce department. At this point in the season, the majority of our produce department is now Ontario. It would be quicker if I provided a list of what is not local produce, but in an effort to help you identify just how much variety is available in our stores, I’ll go area by area on what is in season.


Ontario Corn is Back at Vince’s Market – Cooking Tips

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We are happy to see the return of our golden friends. All Vince’s Market locations are now carrying sweet Ontario corn. We anticipate the remaining field vegetables and fruits to follow quickly behind. Tomatoes, wild blueberries, peaches… they are not that far behind. Until they arrive, let this week’s blog be a reminder on some tips and tricks for enjoying a summertime favourite – peaches & cream corn.


Try Something New! – History and Uses for Currants

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When is the last time you included currants in your cooking, baking or even in a cocktail? Here at Vince’s Market we are always encouraging our customers to try something new! Not sure how to use them? Here is some history on this beautiful fruit and some tips on how to enjoy them.


Halloumi – When Cheese Meets the Grill

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When it comes to grilling cheese it is important to note that not all cheese can be thrown on the grill with the same results across the board. There are specific cheeses on the market that are solely made for the BBQ or a grill pan. Halloumi, the king of grilling cheese, is a salty semi-hard goat and sheep milk cheese. Due to its high melting point this cheese is definitely one that is suitable for the grill. In its raw state, Halloumi is dense and hard; not exactly the kind that you would want to display on your next cheese board. Once grilled or pan-fried, its exterior turns crispy and golden-brown while the inside softens without melting.


Happy Birthday Canada from Everyone at Vince’s Market!!

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Happy Birthday Canada!! Whether you are sitting at the end of the dock with you feet in the water, enjoying a campfire with friends, or simply enjoying the sunshine in your own unique way, Canada Day is about celebrating what we are all so fortunate to have in this great country of ours. Celebrating is what we do best at Vince’s Market, as all three of our location are OPEN on Canada Day from 8 – 6pm!


Vince’s Market Seasonal Produce Update – Ontario Field Produce Is In!!

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At Vince’s Market, as soon as local Ontario produce is available we bring it in and support our local farmers! No different this year and are pleased to say that we have a large selection of produce now available from the local growing region. Enjoy this wonderful offering of nutritious, tasty produce with more to come in the following few weeks! Below are 5 locally grown products available now to try!


Choose Ontario Foods for Your Plate – Local Food Week

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When you choose local foods for your plate at grocery stores, restaurants and markets, you’re getting delicious food that is good for you, your family, local farmers and the local economy. Savour the good things grown, harvested and made in Ontario during ‘Local Food Week’ June 1 to 7, 2015. Visit the site to find a range of activities this weekend that celebrate Ontario growers and Ontario foods. Follow #LoveONTfood on Twitter. At Vince’s Market, We Love Local!


Victoria Day Weekend, the Unofficial Start to Summer!

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Now that you’ve enjoyed dinner on to the firework show and everybody knows that the best treat to eat while enjoying the show is a good s’more! We’ve got your s’more solution, simply grab some graham crackers, jersey milk chocolate, and here is the secret – Campfire JUMBO Roasters Marshmallows – perfect for heating over a fire. This tasty treat will be sure to make the show that much better and be the perfect way to cap off a great long weekend.


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