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Tastes of UEFA 2016

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To all of those soccer lovers out there, today is the start of the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament from France. What better way to kick off a summer of high-level international sport than with this tournament in advance of the Rio Olympics this coming August. Most people can remember some of the amazing sporting moments that occur at these events, like where were you when Sydney Crosby scored the Golden Goal in 2010?

To get in the European spirit this week our blog will highlight the game-day snacks of choice from all across Europe. And some tips on how you can bring a taste of these wonderful culinary countries to your table.


What Makes Our Meat Department so Special?

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In follow up to last week’s blog, Giancarlo asked me to continue to let people know why our meat departments are so much different from other stores. Sometimes we take for granted the special things that we do, and Giancarlo pointed out to me that we should be letting you know about some of our key points of difference.


BBQ is in Season in the Vince’s Meat Departments

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Being a Partner at Vince’s Market means we wear many different hats. One of the hats that I wear is “Meat Department Management Team Lead”.

In our world, that translates to the success of our meat department teams in our stores resting on me. Further, that also means that on Victoria Day long weekend, when everyone is thinking about starting their summer and cleaning off their BBQ’s, I have been asked to write about the exciting things that are happening in our meat departments!


A Refreshing Take on Family Favourites for a Uniquely Traditional Easter Dinner

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The frost is making way for the tulips starting to poke through. The birds are starting to sing in the mornings again. All signs point that spring is in the air with Easter just around the corner. This gets me thinking of Easter egg hunts, egg painting and chocolate bunnies. Easter also gets me thinking about the family getting together for Easter Dinner. You know with the glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, boiled carrots and green salad. How exciting, another traditional dinner. This year, let’s think a little outside the box of boring traditional dinners. Let me get your creative juices following. I’ll give you some new and refreshing ideas while still using the same family favourite ingredients! You can have a refreshing take on family favourites, while still sticking to the tried and testing traditional Easter Dinner.


Vince’s Own Fresh Prepared Comfort Foods for Cold Days

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Now, this post may seem opposite of our recent posts which have been all about healthy options. But just because something is referred to as “Comfort Food” doesn’t mean it still can’t be fresh while still being decadent and delicious. Vince’s has made an effort to reduce our frozen food section and concentrate instead on FRESH heat and serve meal ideas. Vince’s is taking Comfort Food to a whole other level with our Vince’s Own Prepared Dishes to keep you and your family warm and fed during these cold winter months.


How to Eat Healthy with Food Prices Rising in 2016

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Many news reports are out indicating a rise in inflation trends for food prices in 2016 in the 4-5% range. A lot of customers are asking us what is going on and how they can still eat healthy on a budget in 2016.

The solution: We need to re-consider how we buy our fresh food!

Try our simple tip to help you save money on fresh food in 2016.


Happy New Year From Everyone at Vince’s Market

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The mission of Vince’s Market is to serve our customers quality and fresh food through an experience of convenience, cleanliness and accessibility provided by a team dedicated to superior service. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our team members and partner vendors in an effort to encourage high performance and personal growth. It is our commitment to make a difference in every community we serve.


5 Tips on Preparing a Perfect Holiday Turkey

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Crunch time! It’s exactly 7 days from today and the big day will be here. Throughout my travels and experiences in a few different kitchens I’ve learned a few tricks with regards to preparing that perfect holiday turkey that I would like to share with you. Here are 5 tips I hope you’ll find helpful.


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