Spring Cheese Boards – 4 Great Varieties

Vince's cheeses

After our long and cold winter months, it’s refreshing to feel the warmer, sunny days that lie ahead. For me personally, I feel so much more motivated and energized when the weather changes for the better – got a little more spring in my step! This may be true for many of you as spring-cleaning begins and the patio furniture and BBQs get ready for the summer season. Get-togethers and entertaining are on the rise, and you know what that means? It is the kick-off to cheese boards galore. :-) Here are 4 great varieties to try.

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Locally Grown Produce Arriving at Vince’s Market – April Strawberries!

Ontario greenhouse strawberries Here at Vince’s Market, we are eagerly anticipating some more mild and warm weather to help kickstart the Ontario growing season. The longer days have allowed for Ontario greenhouse growers to begin producing vegetables and this year we have one really fantastic surprise – April Strawberries!


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Happy Easter Weekend from Vince’s Market!

grocery store Uxbridge Newmarket Sharon Ontario Easter is our favourite holiday of the year as it signals the definitive end to winter and beginning of spring. We welcome the return to greenhouse grown Ontario products and the start of the local Foodland Ontario offering. Stay tuned for a seasonal produce update from Carmen in next week’s blog! As always, all Vince’s Market locations are open this holiday Easter Sunday until 5pm!

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Vince’s Market’s Michael Wood – Prepared Foods Chef & Category Manager

Chef Michael Wood At Vince’s Market, we recognize the need to bring our customers healthy, fresh and tasty prepared meal solutions. Everyone is stretched for time, and the supermarket is the perfect place to grab a quick hot meal or something that can be reheated and served to the hungry family quickly. Recognizing this, Vince’s went on the search for an Executive Chef who had the experience and knowledge to bring new and fresh flavours to Vince’s Market Prepared Foods offering. We are pleased to introduce Chef Michael Wood!

A fantastic addition to the management team at Vince’s Market, Michael brings extensive experience and skill to our group. Please read on for a personal message from Michael and to get to know his background better.
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Vince’s Market – Offering New Healthy Snack Options

Vince's Market Spring is a rebirth of many sorts. Flowers begin to bloom, fingers begin to thaw, and fresh ideas in the grocery department come to life. Here at Vince’s Market we strive to exceed customer needs and are constantly looking to bring in and experiment with new innovation. Recently, we underwent a transformation in our grocery department in our locations specifically to increase the offerings in our healthy snack category.

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February Seasonal Produce Update from Carmen at Vince’s Market

Fresh produce Newmarket Uxbridge Sharon Ontario The Ontario Food Terminal is a chilly place at 5 a.m. this time of year, but that does not stop the daily movement of produce in and out from all over the world. During the winter months, our seasonal produce update is here to help you identify which products are in their prime season from around the world. Hopefully, this will provide you with some inspiration to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meal planning. Here is our February update from Carmen here at Vince’s Market.

Where in the world is all of your produce coming from?
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Vince’s Market’s Vegetable Highlight: The Cauliflower

health benefits of cauliflower We asked you for feedback and we got it! One of the big blog requests is for us to identify seasonal fruits and vegetables and give some tips on how to select, how to store, how to prepare and a great recipe for cooking. So here we go! Here is Vince’s Market’s vegetable highlight of the week – the Cauliflower… everything you need to know. Cauliflower will be a big food trend item for 2015!

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Finding Protein Without All the Meat

healthy protein sources Eat more protein for a balanced diet; eat more protein to lose weight; eat more protein for increased energy. It seems like protein is the magic potion to all of our food consumption. However, when we think about getting adequate amounts of protein into our diets we instantly think of all meat products.

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Healthy Diet Plan for the New Year

Fresh produce Newmarket Uxbridge Sharon Ontario We are all looking for ways to eat clean and healthy. For some of us, the New Year is all about major life changes – starting with healthy living that includes regular exercise and a new diet plan. For the high achievers out there – we admire you! For many, the realization that our lofty goals may not be achievable and we revert back to past tendencies. For those of us (myself included) – don’t lose hope!

What many nutritionist, dieticians and even doctors will tell you is it is all about identifying achievable targets. Small changes that you can make in your life and diet that can be upheld and practiced day in and day out. Continue reading

Questions you Want your Grocer to Answer & 2015 Trends

Happy New Year copy 2015 is here! As a blog subscriber, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for following Vince’s Market and keeping up to date with us. We feel so fortunate to have a loyal and engaged customer group who keep us informed of how we are doing. This constant feedback is so important as an independent grocer and local business to make sure we continue to be relevant to you! With this in mind, we are currently asking you to help us with our weekly Blog topics for 2015! We are asking you – what questions have you always wanted your grocer to answer? What topics are important to you in 2015? What insights into our business would you like to know? Go to our Facebook page and leave us a comment. You will be entered to win a $50 Vince’s Market gift card.

Trends have become so important to how food is viewed and purchased. So what will happen with food in 2015? There is a lot of stuff out there that you can read – Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert, is a trusted source and says “The top food trends for 2015 indicate people’s palates are continuing to evolve and they are gravitating toward streamlined grocery shopping experiences that are convenient for their lifestyles. In 2015, look for brands and merchants to advance their product offerings and shopping amenities to meet these demands.
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