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Vince’s Team Members GET INVOLVED in our communities. Together we can be a small part of a big movement to support one-another! No act of service is too small and we want our team members to know that we can all make a difference.Together we can be a small part of a big movement to support one-another! No act of service is too small and we want our team members to know that we can all make a difference.

How? There are a ton of ways to GET INVOLVED!

Our community support ambassador, Maria, is out there connecting with local charities, not-for-profits and special interest groups to put together opportunities for Team Vince’s initiatives. Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming events in your area.  If you are a group looking for Community Support or interested in having your event be considered for our Team Vince’s Events, submit your info below through our Vince’s Cares Community Support Request Form.

Who doesn’t love Random Acts? You know, those times when spontaneously something good is done for another human just for the sake of it. Well we do! There are so many great groups of people working tirelessly to help others. All that work must make them hungry! So we decided, to help fuel them up with Random Acts of Vince’s. We go out and show up unannounced at a deserving recipient’s door with delicious fresh food for their enjoyment.

Do you know someone who should be recognized with a Random Act of Vince’s? You can nominate someone by sending us some details about the group and why you think they should be recognized. If we pick your group, not only will they receive that Fresh and Delicious food… you will receive a $25 Vince’s Market Gift Card and a shout-out on our social media pages.

Vince’s Believes in Strong Communities

Vince’s Market firmly believes that in order for businesses to be strong, communities must be strong. In reciprocating this, it is up to businesses to give back to the communities they exist in. This being our belief at Vince’s Market, we commit an annual budget of $45,000 to be put back into the community. This comes by way of products, gift cards, or in some special cases monetary donation.

In order to make a request for support please complete the form below to send your request details to our Sponsorship Request Committee.  We review all requests on the first Tuesday of every month, so please have your detailed requests in early. We cannot support everyone’s programs so it is very important to have your requests in early.

For all inquiries related to Community Support, please email us at Vinces Cares.

Requests for Community Support

If you would like to request Community Support from Vince’s for an event, please complete the form below.

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