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COVID-19: Making the Most of Your Time at Home

I read a recent article in the Washington Post about Isaac Newton (before he became “Sir”). Like us, he went through his own period of social distancing during the Great Plague of London in 1665. Throughout his months of self-imposed quarantine (let’s hope ours is much shorter!), he made several breakthroughs that not only advanced the fields of mathematics and science, but launched his own storied career.

We, on the other hand, may have less lofty aspirations. Like exercising at home (there are some brilliant workouts on YouTube), and upgrading our nutrition.

Making the Most with Fresh Fruits & Veggies

I’ve already adopted a mostly whole foods diet, but it has become a lot easier without the added temptation of donut shops and fast-food outlets. And without the commuting, visiting friends, and running errands (other than buying groceries!), there’s even more time to cook from scratch.

So, let’s stop fretting over the toilet paper aisle, and head over to produce where the colourful displays are piled high with fresh veggies and fruits – from Ontario and around the world. No, you can’t hoard these like a “prepper,” stockpiling a five-year supply of canned soup, but you can keep a few days’ worth in your fridge – and then replenish.

After all, the borders are still open to essentials, like our food supply.

Turn Cooking Into a Team Effort

Cooking with basic ingredients takes more time and effort than ordering a pizza or unwrapping a frozen tray. But you know that homemade tastes better, and by making it a team effort (i.e. assign the kids to clean and chop the veggies), mealtime can be a great hands-on bonding experience.

I’m sure all you parents are looking for ways to get the kids off their devices!

After a few weeks of eating clean, working out, and maybe putting in some hours studying or learning a new language, you may come out of this COVID crisis a little different than you went in.

Sure, these can be scary times, but I’ve always believed in taking action on those things you can control. And your diet is one of them.

Stay safe and be well!

— Neil

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