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Earth Hour Inspired Snacking!

Earth Hour has snuck up again. For those who need a reminder, it’s an hour where you disconnect from electronics.  And perhaps dust off a few board games. It began in 2007 as a grassroots global movement, inspiring people to act on climate change and protect the planet.

My wife is somewhat more “crunchy granola” than I am and loves a good round of Scrabble under the illumination of a few beeswax candles. I’m happy it’s only once a year…

What I do enjoy, however, is a little Earth Hour snacking, and there are plenty of ways to indulge in a few treats while being kind to the environment. Vince’s colleague Danielle Cosentino, a holistic nutritionist and natural chef, offered these recommendations.

Reduce Packaging Waste

“You can start with some healthy choices from our bulk section,” began Danielle. “Whether it’s nuts, pumpkin seeds, or dried fruits, you reduce the amount of packaging waste when you create your own snack mixes.”

Choose Ethically Sourced Goods

She also pointed to a display of chocolate – one of my favourite foods. “Green and Black offer a range of organic chocolate bars that are both high in quality and very delicious,” she continued. “They’re also ethically sourced and fair trade, which means they’re farmed and obtained in a responsible and sustainable way, and that workers and farmers are treated fairly.”

Ditto for Ethical Bean Coffee which, as the name implies, is also fair trade and ethically sourced. There’s nothing like a good cup of joe to spark some lively eco discussion and debate.

Try an Eco-Friendly Alternative

For something a little more savoury, veggie sausages and meats are a tasty vegan alternative to the real thing. And they can make less of an environmental impact.

Of course, granola is still synonymous with the eco warrior, and although not all qualify as either earth-friendly or particularly healthy, Georgian Bay Granola scores high marks in both categories. It is made with certified organic ingredients and sweetened with pure Canadian maple syrup.

We’ve Got You Covered with Vince’s Biobags

Nothing could be more appropriate than to bring home your stash in an eco-friendly bag. Vince’s biobags are made from a bio hybrid resin, based on up to 70% sustainable and renewable plant starch that is 100% biodegradable. Rather than contaminating our soil and water for decades – and possibly centuries – these bags break down completely in about 15 months.

So, while you’re toiling through Scrabble, fuel your brain cells with a few options that are both good for you, and the planet. You may not hit that triple word score, but it’ll take the ‘bored’ out of board games, and help you and the family enjoy an hour, or hopefully more, unplugged.

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