Hearty Soups Are the Ideal Fall Comfort Food

Some of my fondest childhood memories involved coming home from school on a blustery fall afternoon, the pot lid clanking gently as my mother’s homemade soup bubbled below. The delightful aroma permeated our entire house.

Since then, life has accelerated and work days have gotten longer, and devoting hours to a large pot of soup is hard to fit into our busy schedule. But as the temperature dips, those delicious memories persist…

Well, Vince’s isn’t in competition with Mom, but we do have a hearty lineup that may fill your need for comfort food. Drop by our store, and in the refrigerated section you’ll find shelves of mason jars filled with Vince’s Own soups – just heat and serve. These include vegetable & ham, cream of asparagus, turkey with wild rice, seafood chowder, butternut squash and six kinds of chicken soup.

These are made fresh, daily in our commissary with real, home-style ingredients. For example, we don’t use processed chicken, but cook up real chicken breast and, of course, broth. My kids noted that the “chunks” are not uniform – unlike certain canned soups.

Our cream-based soups are made with real cream. And they are cooked in small batches, as cream must simmer evenly – and at the right temperature – to avoid separation. That’s hard to do in large vats.

So, try an old favourite, like minestrone or split pea & ham, or something more adventurous like roasted red pepper. It’s the perfect way to welcome “soup season.”

— Neil

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