Taste the difference with freshly-squeezed orange juice

There are some excellent brands of bottled orange juice, but nothing tastes quite like freshly squeezed.

Sure, it doesn’t have the shelf life of the commercially produced product, and it needs to stay refrigerated. But because freshly squeezed isn’t heated through pasteurization, the beneficial enzymes and antioxidants are preserved. As is the distinctive taste.

We all know that orange juice is packed with vitamin C, which is good for more than staving off scurvy during long ocean voyages! This vitamin is essential to the production of collagen, which keeps our skin thicker, tighter, and more elastic. Collagen is also necessary for healthy connective tissue.

Freshly-squeezed OJ is rich in potassium and magnesium – two key minerals often deficient in the standard North American diet – and it also contains significant amounts of vitamin A, calcium, choline and folate.

All that being said, it can be a chore to make. You’ll need more oranges than you think, and cutting and juicing a bag of them can be time consuming – not to mention a pain in the wrist!

So, pick up a bottle next time you’re in one of our stores. Supplies are limited, as we have to keep it fresh (and chilled), but it’s a real treat with breakfast, or on its own.

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