Finding a Healthy Balance in December

finding a healthy balance in DecemberWe are in the home stretch now as we prepare for the weekend ahead. I can’t believe we are so close to celebrating the end of another year. I always feel December is a time of reflection, but also a crazy busy time as well. Sometimes it can be hard to find a balance between the two.

I’m sure everyone has a to-do list this week. Whether it be big or small it’s important to remember that even as the days get busy we should still keep our health in mind and our immune system strong. The last thing we want at this time of year is to be under the weather.

So here are some healthful tips to ensure finding a healthy balance in December:

DON’T go the whole day without eating before an outing

This will only tell your body it’s starving. Then your body will in turn be more inclined to store everything you eat later in the day.

DO make yourself a priority

With all the holiday happenings you can easily put yourself on the backburner. It’s important to find “me time” for the health of your body, mind, and spirit.

DON’T put yourself into a carb coma

Try to avoid “lonely” carbohydrates. Before diving into the sweets table, make sure you’ve had some good proteins and fats (some cheese, shrimp, smoked salmon, bean dip etc.)

DO stop the glorification of busy

Sometimes the best thing you can give to someone is the gift of time.

DON’T be a holiday hero

If someone offers to bring something or help lighten your load, say yes! It’s not worth the added stress of trying to do everything yourself.

DO set realistic goals for the New Year

Small changes can make big differences. A colleague of mine likes to set New Year’s “Words of Intention” for how they would like to approach the year, rather than strict resolutions.

DON’T starve yourself the day after an outing

Your metabolism needs you more than ever after a night of indulging. So make sure to fuel it and DO drink lots of water.

DO some activity

Get outdoors, go for a walk, play with the kids, grandchildren, nieces/nephews… every little bit counts.

DON’T put too much pressure on yourself and DO enjoy the spirit of the season!

These are just some simple ways to help with finding a healthy balance in December. You can keep your health in mind while still enjoying the joys of the season with friends and family!

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas!

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