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Fuel Up Before Trick-or-Treating on Halloween!

This year, I’m hoping to be better prepared when the kids come knocking. Which means a trip to Vince’s for hassle-free meal items, desserts and snacks for the family. And beforehand, grab a pumpkin and a few gourds to whip our décor into seasonal shape.

I like to call it “Halloween Made Easy”

And it starts with dinner on the 31st. Last year it went like this: rush home from work, put together something nutritious, sit down with the family – and hope that trick-or-treaters don’t start arriving mid-meal!

Which they did, so this year I’ll be bringing home a few of our Vince’s Own heat-and-serve (or ready-to-serve) meals. Comfort foods like shepherd’s pie, cabbage rolls, mac and cheese, or perhaps one of several varieties of lasagna.

Or perhaps a delicious three-cheese bacon and onion pizza, alongside a spinach and quinoa salad with orange segments and blueberries. Or keep it simple with a golden-brown, cooked to perfection roast chicken.

I’ll follow that up with a Vince’s Own pumpkin pie – with whipped cream. Yes, you can get the ‘real deal’ in an aerosol can (a real time saver). For those who want something chocolatey for dessert, we also carry Halloween cupcakes, adorned with plastic eyeballs and fingers. Mmm….

Bulk Section for Adult Snacking

And later, while you’re handing out the goodies, instead of ripping open all the bite-sized treats intended for the kids, why not grab a few items from our bulk section. Like our brown and orange-drizzled (Halloween-themed) yogurt covered pretzels. They’re yummy, and afterwards you won’t be left with a pile of plastic wrappers.

I don’t, however, have any tips for dealing with the aftermath of the evening – which could be several pillow cases full of candy. In my household, it was typically a net gain, with two kids bringing home far more than I handed out at the door.

This year, only one is trick-or-treating, so here’s to hoping the ‘sugar rush’ doesn’t last until December.

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Happy Halloween!

– Neil

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