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Heat & Serve Before Trick-or-Treating this Halloween

Vince's Own Prepared Meals for HalloweenOctober 31st is fast approaching, and you know the drill. Rush home from work, put something nutritious together, sit down with the family – and hope that trick-or-treaters don’t start arriving mid-meal!

But they always do, and you’re up and down from the dinner table, serving ghosts, goblins and creepy clowns (is there any other kind?) between mouthfuls of food. Or worse yet, you had no prep time at all, and are now grabbing handfuls of Smarties and bite-sized Aero bars from the candy bowl…

Okay, that was me, and I’m not doing it again this year. On Tuesday, I’ll be bringing home a few of our Vince’s Own heat-and-serve meals that involve nothing more than a little time in the oven. Just enough to get out of my work duds, and into something more “Halloween-ish.”

Quick Comfort Foods

Some of the options are made fresh daily in our stores. Comfort foods like shepherd’s pie, cabbage rolls, mac and cheese, and several varieties of lasagna.

Pasta dishes are either prepared daily at our commissary, or are shipped from hand-picked local suppliers. Choices include spaghetti and meatballs, pennine rigate, and more.

Fresh Salads

And, of course, there are loads of fresh salads like chicken caesar, Cobb, Greek, arugula and strawberry, and baby spinach with couscous. For me, the prepared salads are a huge time saver, as I have no love for the laborious task of cleaning and cutting a sink full of veggies, and assembling all the toppings: shredded cheese, avocado, berries, chick peas, cilantro – or whatever.

So, give some of these a try on Tuesday – and leave the sweet treats for somebody else’s kids.

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