Vince’s Market firmly believes that in order for businesses to be strong, communities must be strong. In reciprocating this, it is up to businesses to give back to the communities they exist in.
This being our belief at Vince’s Market, we commit an annual budget of $45,000 to be put back into the community. This comes by way of products, gift cards, or in some special cases monetary donations.

Our commitment reaches these areas of the community:

  • House League Sports Teams
  • Participation in the Arts at an entry level
  • Hospitals
  • Charities and Organizations, which are designed to help children and adults, become active and productive in their lives and communities
  • Activities that bring the community together

Our Past and Present Major Commitments in the Community

Long-term commitments have been made in the past and present and moving into the future with Southlake Regional Health Centre and the Town of Newmarket.

At Southlake, we contributed towards a room in the maternity ward along with the Cancer Center. Furthermore, we worked with the Town of Newmarket, solidifying funding towards a Mobile Stage Trailer that promotes people interacting in the community together while celebrating Arts and other unique events.

In order to make a request for support please submit a letter to the Vince’s Market in your area made to the attention to Sponsorship Request Committee.  We review all requests on the first Tuesday of every month, so please have your detailed requests in early. As you can assume, we cannot support everyone’s programs so it is very important to have your requests in early.

The Sponsorship Request Committee is made up of staff members from all of our locations.  The staff members also live in different communities around the region to bring a different perspective to the committee.

They are as follows:

Chair Giancarlo Trimarchi
Administrator Maria Ciarlandini
Uxbridge Representative Debbie Rich
Uxbridge Representative Darryl Knight
Sharon Representative Debbie Rich
Newmarket Representative Christine Jobin


If you wish to submit a detailed request by email, please do so by sending your email here.



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