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Make Holiday Entertaining Easy with Pre-Made Platters

I’m a huge fan of food and its countless combinations and variations, but hesitate to call myself a “foodie” – as it sounds a bit pretentious. That being said, I’m far more enamoured with its eating than its preparation.

This sentiment is even more clear-cut when it comes to party planning. The laborious task of rolling up my sleeves to clean, peel, chop, cube, slice and present – in particular the last one – is one I’d rather avoid. Which means I’ll leave the food prep to those who have the time and expertise, and get on with managing guest lists, organizing entertainment, decorating and other fun stuff…

Hiring a Chef, Catering or Pre-Made Platters

If you have the means, relief can take the form of hiring a chef or caterer. Many of them will even handle the cleanup. But if your budget is a little tighter, a few mouse clicks can take you on an equally easy path.

I’m talking about pre-made platters. There’s more to these than a few slices of deli meat and cubed cheese arranged on a plastic tray – although meat and cheese platters are still among our more popular options.

Pre-Made Platters Give You a Wide Assortment of Flavours

It’s about variety. One of our meat and cheese platters, for example, includes a selection of cubed turkey kolbassa, ham, Polish sausage, cheddar, marble, and Havarti. And to build on such an assortment, our Antipasto Platter adds roasted red peppers, olives, bocconcini, and marinated items like eggplant, sundried tomatoes, artichokes and mushrooms.

Try Our Heartier Sandwich Platters

That’s a great spread for an evening soiree or after-work mixer, but if you need something a little more substantial for, say, the company’s ‘holiday’ luncheon – functions that don’t require a three-course meal – sandwich platters are just the ticket. These can incorporate a variety of meats, cheeses, and vegetarian options.

One popular choice is the “Sandwiches on Assorted Bagels & Buns Platter,” featuring egg salad, tuna, roast beef, ham, corned beef, and turkey. Or our vegetarian wrap platter – a combo of cheddar cheese, cucumber, shredded carrots, hummus, spring mix, cream cheese, and alfalfa.

Remember that all functions are more fun with a cookie or dessert platter. With coffee (or tea) in hand, it’s hard to resist an assortment of sweet treats.

Our Pre-Made Platters aren’t just convenient (and cost effective), they’re an eye-catching alternative to the do-it-yourself jumble of mismatched potluck containers and prepackaged desserts. Vince’s is known for our platter presentation, hand crafted by our dedicated team, and made fresh to order.

Find out more by shopping online. We offer free shipping on orders over $250, or you can pick up at ny one of our stores. This now includes the Market & Co. “micro store” at Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket. It’s one of 18 artisan merchants in a market-style environment – also giving you an opportunity to grab a few last-minute items.

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Wishing you a stress-free holiday season!

— Neil

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