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National Food Days Are A Thing!

national food day waffles vince's market grocer york regionDid you know that each day of the year has a corresponding food that is celebrated on that day? National Bittersweet Chocolate Day falls on my birthday and Christmas Day is National Pumpkin Pie Day—who decides on them or how they came about is an interesting factoid.

Like most holidays, they are decreed by some sort of government official—a Premier, Mayor, Senator, or the Prime Minister himself—either as a proclamation or commemorative holiday. But they start with a marketing department. By and large, food holidays are thought up by a company’s PR or marketing department, and pushed through either a lobby group, association, or by some other means. With the help of social media, it takes on a life of its own.

So, what’s coming up over the next week? The answers may surprise you…

March 22nd – National Water Day

Vince’s Market has a great selection of water to choose from. Whether you prefer it still, sparkling, or with a little flavour, stop on by for a refreshing treat!

March 23rd – National Chips and Dip Day

Stop by our grocery department for your favourite chip! From potato to tortilla to exotic vegetables, we have it all. Our grocery, dairy, and deli departments have great selections of dips—choose from creamy, spicy, savoury, or sweet!

March 25th – National Waffle Day

Vince’s Market has you covered here! From pre-made waffles available in our bakery or frozen food section, to waffle mixes on our grocery shelves, however you prefer to buy them we have them. Just don’t forget the maple syrup and fresh fruit!

March 26th – National Spinach Day

Love spinach?? We do too and our produce department has the freshest spinach around! Try it sautéed or in a salad—delicious!

March 28th – National Black Forest Cake Day

Stop by our bakery department for a Black Forest Cake! With layers of chocolate cake, fresh whipped cream, and cherries, it’s a match made in heaven!

We’d love to hear from you! Do you have a special food tradition you observe on a specific day, or have a fantastic recipe to share?? Leave us a comment here or head on over and join in the conversation on Facebook (please ‘Like’ the page if you’re so inclined) and Twitter. If you haven’t already signed up to receive our weekly newsletter which includes our blog, the weekly product feature, the weekly Coterie savings, and our recipe of the week delivered right to your inbox, you’ll find the signup by clicking here.

Let’s catch up soon,


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