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Supporting Local Farmers with Ontario Reserve Angus Beef

ontario angus beef vince's marketIt’s been a long, harsh winter (and spring), but barbecue season has finally arrived. And what better way to greet the warmer temperatures, than with a little backyard grilling?!

Those who’ve mastered the art of the ‘cue are always on the hunt for better cuts of beef. Which is why we’ve been a perennial favourite. But Vince’s Market has raised the bar a notch, with a new program that’s all about excellence – not just in terms of flavour – but in sustainability, and in supporting the local economy. From now on, we are proud to announce that 100% of all beef sold in our stores has been raised on local Ontario family farms.

You Asked, We Listened

“Our Ontario Reserve Angus Beef will be appreciated by customers on multiple levels,” said Vince’s partner Brian Johns. “We’ve listened, and know they not only care about taste and texture, but how our beef is raised – and whether or not it comes from local sources.”

All Vince’s Ontario Reserve Angus Beef is raised on Ontario family farms, many of which have been operating for generations.

“Agriculture is the backbone of many rural communities, and the beef industry is an important economic driver of our agri-food sector,” said John Baker of the Ontario Cattle Feeders Association. He added that it contributes $2.69 billion to the provincial GDP, with gross sales from the sector exceeding $13 billion annually. “And it provides a lot of jobs – more than 61,000 in rural and urban Ontario.”

Quality is Our Top Priority

But the industry is about more than just big numbers. These farms are certified under the Ontario Cattle Feeders Quality Assurance program, which ensures farmers follow a stringent set of guidelines and best practices. “This means cattle are well cared for, kept safe and healthy, raised in a low stress environment, and fed a nutritionally balanced diet,” said Baker.

Cattle graze on open grasslands and forage before transitioning to a high energy, nutritionally balanced grain-based diet. This promotes higher marbling than grass feeding alone.

Animal welfare is another key ingredient in high-quality beef, one which Ontario beef farmers take very seriously. Baker adds: “Providing care to their animals from birth to market is a core value that also provides a bright future for farmers’ families.”

Ditto for the environment, as land stewardship is also key to their success. “Ontario beef farmers work hard to protect and improve their land and ecosystem for future generations,” he continued.

All of which contributes to a better choice for those customers, like me, who spend time reading labels and carefully considering what goes in their grocery carts. Like a couple of Ontario Angus Reserve sirloin steaks for this weekend. And a few craft beers…

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Happy grilling folks!


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