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Skip Artificial Dyes This Year with Natural Easter Egg Dyes
Let your creativity blossom this Easter with these beautiful, yet completely natural Easter egg dyes. Easter is upon us and I find this holiday to be...
Homemade Chicken Burgers with Horseradish Mayo
How many of you have already fired up your grill this year? With the exception of the weird snow storm we got over the weekend, the weather is really starting...
Baby Puree Superfoods
I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately. I find life with a 9-month-old all about the next meal. Baby V is really building up quite the...
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Breakfast, It Can Be Done!
I’ve mentioned this before, but breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I thoroughly enjoy my cup of coffee with two eggs and two slices of Silver...
A Holistic Perspective of The New Food Guide
The Canadian Food Guide has been updated! It’s been a long time coming. The last update was in 2007, which is why I always encourage plenty of self-education...
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With many people cleaning up their diet post-holidays I wanted to discuss macro-nutrients. Most people are familiar with the terms; carbohydrates, proteins,...
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Power Up Your New Year With A Healthy Bone Broth
In June we welcomed a baby girl into our family and she’s filled our hearts with so much joy! It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since...
New Year Resolution Dos and Don’ts
Merry Christmas Eve everyone! While you may be tackling some last minute preparations, things are starting to settle as we prepare to enjoy a couple days...
How Do We Survive Without Holidays?
Everything in life serves a purpose, including the holidays.  Without them we may be tempted to just keep working.  Perhaps the holidays help us to keep...

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