Mega Maki Roll & Nigiri Platter


380 Cals/SERVING; SERVES 6 (53pc)

Serves up to 6 people and includes:

  • Spicy Salmon Roll (16pc)
  • Spicy Salmon Roll (16pc)
  • Tropicali Roll (9pc)
  • Salmon Hosomaki (8pc)
  • Orange California Roll (4pc)
  • Red California Roll (4pc)
  • Shrimp Nigiri (3pc)
  • Tuna Nigiri (3pc)
  • Salmon Nigiri (3pc)
  • BBQ Salmon Nigiri (3pc)

Ready when you need it, each platter is unique and comes with all the necessities: wasabi, ginger, soy sauce & chopsticks.

There are no substitution options available.



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