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Questions you Want your Grocer to Answer & 2015 Trends
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Trends have become so important to how food is viewed and purchased. So what will happen with food in 2015? There is a lot of stuff out there that you can read – Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert, is a trusted source and says “The top food trends for 2015 indicate people’s palates are continuing to evolve and they are gravitating toward streamlined grocery shopping experiences that are convenient for their lifestyles. In 2015, look for brands and merchants to advance their product offerings and shopping amenities to meet these demands.

Grazing Golden-Agers
Ninety-one percent of people say they snack daily, according to Nielsen. While snacking is on the rise among all ages and genders, research shows that snacking among consumers over the age of 65 could contribute to additional years with a higher quality of life. We’ll see more boomers – those raised in the “three square meals a day” era – employ a “grazing” approach to eating next year. When boomers snack, they’ll focus on foods rich in nutrients like protein, fiber and Omega3s that can help promote bone health, like sunflower seeds, nuts and whole grain popcorn.

Everything Smoked
Just when you thought the bacon trend had cooled off, restaurateurs and at-home cooks are continuing to turn up the heat. The demand for smoked foods has risen as chefs begin to apply smoking and grilling to add some sizzle and impart new flavor to other proteins and alternatives like vegetables, butters, and even cocktails. And, with smokers gaining in popularity in backyards across North America, at-home cooks are also experimenting with smoking non-traditional foods.

The Rise of Fermented Foods
2015 will be the year fermented foods – foods like yogurt, tempeh and sauerkraut take center stage. These foods contain live cultures, or are preserved in liquid so their sugars and starches can become bacteria-boosting agents. After multi-year growth of gluten-free foods, many consumers have found their digestive health improved. Nearly 50 percent of consumers have changed their diet to help improve digestion, with nearly 20 percent doing so in the past year, found a recent survey by ConAgra Foods. Gluten-free will continue, but also evolve into a focus on fermented foods as people continue to look for foods to aid digestion. Once toppings or side items, these foods will become commonplace in meals this year.

Gen Z: Chefs Everyday
Millennials’ passion for food-related adventures is undeniable, but Gen Z, the demographic group born after Millennials (1995 to present day), brings an entire new set of food values to the kitchen table. Exposed at a young age to more flavors and variety than previous generations, Gen Z’s collective attitude toward food is simplicity and health. They tend to use stove tops rather than microwaves for cooking meals and fresh ingredients to prepared foods. Research by NPD Group indicates some of their favorite foods to cook include eggs/omelets, hot dogs, potatoes and chicken, which they can “dress up” with their own unique touch.

How about specific products?

That vegetable your mom forced you to eat as a child will be a staple in your diet in 2015, according to Stacy Baas, brand strategist and trends watcher with Earthbound Farm. For good reason, too: This vitamin-packed and versatile veggie can be roasted, mashed or even barbecued. Cauliflower is also gluten-free, making it the perfect substitute in traditional comfort foods like pizza (it makes a mean crust) and macaroni and cheese (replacing the pasta). Better yet, Kids will be more likely to eat more cauliflower in 2015, thanks to the increasing availability of more colorful varieties, including purple, green and orange.

Ugly Fruits and Vegetables
No longer are shoppers looking for picture-perfect produce. Consumers are more aware about the problem of food waste, and they’re open to cooking and eating odd-looking fruits and vegetables, especially for dishes where looks don’t matter.

Matcha Tea
Matcha will become next year’s superfood as businesses roll out consumer-friendly formats of the healthy green tea drink. It’s a more souped-up version of green tea, with more nutrients and less caffeine, so what’s not to love?

New Trend: Coconut Sugar
Consumers are seeking healthier alternatives to white sugar, and Sterling-Rice Group predicts coconut sugar is the top sweetener. It’s less processed, has a lower glycemic index and more nutrients than white sugar!

We are excited about the coming year and all that it has in store for us. We wish you the best of luck with your New Year’s Resolutions! You can count on Vinces to be following the trends and bringing you the freshest ingredients available for your plate.

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