Why Our Turkeys Are the BEST


Not all turkeys can be Vince’s Select. With this brand, you can expect a superb taste experience, and only those suppliers who deliver on this promise are allowed to use our label.

Diet is critical, which is why Vince’s Select turkeys are grain fed. But how they are chilled is equally important. Water-chilled turkeys are immersed in vats of cold water, which causes them to absorb it – diluting natural flavouring.

Air-chilled takes longer, but is worth the wait. These turkeys aren’t sharing the same bathwater, and without excess moisture, they cook more quickly. And with that mouth-watering, crispy skin we all love.

Our Vince’s Select Turkeys are $3.49/lb ($7.69/kg). Reserve your 15lb-18lb turkey now, and treat your family and guests to a special bird this Christmas!


Pre-Ordering your Christmas Turkey is now closed. If you would like to order a turkey, please contact your local store via the phone numbers listed below:


Sharon: 905-478-8241
Newmarket: 905-853-3356
Uxbridge: 905-852-2442
Tottenham: 289-318-0500
Market & Co.: 289-319-1042

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