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Vince's Market
Vince's Market
Most people don't realize we carry dill cucumbers, so we wanted to point this product out to our shoppers so they know!

We also really wanted to make shoppers aware of the Ontario Broccoli & Caulflower that is right in season and in excellent condition!

Giancarlo Trimarchi explains how to tell when it's fresh or not!

#OntarioProduce #VincesMarket
Vince's Market
Vince's Market
Vince's Market
Vince's Market has a wide variety of tomatoes and potatoes. We paired these two together because you can use these two items for very similar meals - salads and BBQ's!

Giancarlo Trimarchi explains the difference between them, while also throwing in a little lesson about garlic!

#OntarioProduce #VincesMarket #BBQSEASON
Vince's Market
Vince's Market
Vince's Market
Apple season is on its way and soon you will be seeing big bins of apples out front! In store we currently have quite the selection so you can still buy delicious apples from us that are just as tasty!

We would also like to point out our juicy watermelon AND our blueberries. Blueberries are in season at the moment and we HIGHLY reccomend you pick yours up soon - before they run out or become off season.

#OntarioFruit #VincesMarket
Vince's Market
Vince's Market
Vince's Market
Giancarlo Trimarchi loves flowers and wanted to make sure all of you flower lovers out there knew what we have from Bradford Greenhouse

** Gladiolas & fall mums **

Perfect time to come pick up yours from all of our locations.
Vince's Market
Vince's Market
Vince's Market
Giancarlo Trimarchi points out delicious and flavourful Ontario Fruit this morning for you to pick up!

Most produce in our stores right now are from Ontario and we would like to point them out to you! Stay tuned this weekend as we will be posting clips of quite a few items!

#OntarioFruit #VincesMarket
Vince's Market

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What better way to celebrate the onset of barbecue season, than with these stunning Steak Kebabs with Chimichurri! The best part is that no marinating is required for these, rather you just grill the steak and...

Team Members from the Newmarket Bakery Department made this cake for the OSPCA! #ospca #communitysupport #vincescares VincesMarket photo

Looking for a littler dinner inspiration tonight?

Why not make this melt-in-your-mouth roasted beef tenderloin with a simple garlic brown butter sauce? This simple recipe is a show stopper, especially with our Vince's...

Annual Vince’s Clean up day! Thank you to the Team Vince’s Volunteers in all five locations! Thank you @TownofNewmarket for the clean up kits!

We are very honoured to receive The Business Leader of Character Award this evening at the Character Awards 2019!

Community Support Ambassador Maria, was there to accept the award!

#TeamVinces #VincesCares

Character Community
Maria Ciarlandini

We have plenty of beautiful flowers, tulips, bouquets and Easter baskets for you to choose from! 😊🐣

Beautiful and vibrant colours to brighten up this rainy day! 🐣

Our Vince’s Own Double Cream Brie builds on the tradition of the single cream brie while maintaining its superior flavour. Our latest blog post is all about this cheese's versatility, delicious taste, as well as some...

Owner Brian Johns, Vince's Team Members from Vince's Market and Representatives from Corn Fed Beef and St. Helens had the pleasure of touring The Tupling Farm. The Tupling farm is a potato and beef farm.

We are...

Congratulations to all of our winners for guessing closes to or the exact weight of our chocolate Easter bunnies! Here are a few of the winners!

Happy Easter weekend 🐣🐰

For those of you who are curious the weight of each bunny was 3.1 KG (6.8 lbs) 😉

We are open this weekend!

Saturday and Monday are regular hours for Vince's Market!

Happy Easter!

Ambassador Maria Ciarlandini attending Green Connection April meeting

Let your creativity blossom this Easter with these beautiful, yet completely natural Easter egg dyes.

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate!

~ Danielle

Thank you to Wayne from the Produce Department in Sharon. He’s always willing to help out wherever needed. Wayne is hard working and great with customers!

Naz from the Newmarket Front End not only provides our...

At last nights Portrait of Giving event, Vince's Market was proud to sponsor nominee Anita Smeskal-Donato for this years Portrait of giving in East Gwillimbury.

#POG2019 #VincesCares #Eastgwillimbury

Town of East...

Vince’s Market is now taking turkey orders for Easter!

Order in store, over the phone OR online today.

Tradition plays a big part in holiday celebrations and Easter is no different. We do certain things every year, but sometimes we forget where that specific tradition originated. With our stores open all Easter...

Looking for flowers this Easter? Vince’s Market has a LARGE selection of flowers waiting for you! We have different types, colours, sizes and more!
Our floral is very important to us as we want you to have the very best flowers 💐 #shoplocal #easter #floral #spring

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