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Top 5 Burger Toppings to Celebrate Canada’s 150th

homemade burger toppingsCanada Day Weekend is here! I’m sure you’ve heard, but it’s our 150th anniversary!

What a weekend to celebrate. What a weekend to BBQ. What a weekend to spend time with friends and family.  Burgers are an integral part to any BBQ celebration.  Now that you know what you’ll be grilling, what will be your burger toppings?

We’ve collected some interesting ideas for unique burger toppings! From unique, to messy, and just plain delicious, there’s something for everyone.

Here are our Top 5 Burger Toppings for Canada’s 150th!

  1. Grilled Veggies: not just a side dish! Try grilling up some onions, yellow pepper and tomatoes. The perfect topping for a beef, veggie or even Portobello burger.
  2. Kimchi: for the more adventurous BBQ guests. Not only is kimchi a delicious topping, but it’s Power Up Approved to be good for your gut!
  3. Salsa: Perfect on top of a smoky jalapeño burger! Try some chunky salsa, with shredded cheddar cheese, cilantro and sliced avocado.
  4. The King – Peanut Butter, Egg, Bacon: You read that right! This is a royal combination of peanut butter, which gets melted and gooey, a sunny-side up egg, and some crispy bacon. You’ll need extra napkins!
  5. Mac & Cheese: This is now a staple on most burger joint’s menus. You can simply make normal mac & cheese, or… Make a batch ahead, spread it out on a sheet pan and refrigerate for a few hours. Once cooled, cut into burger sized circles.  Then coat in flour, then egg-wash, then bread crumbs.  Fry in vegetable oil until crispy and golden.  How’s that for an extreme topping?!

Now On to the Burgers!

I can’t wait to get on the grill and cook up some hamburgers. Speaking of hamburgers, what drives me a little nuts is when you buy a frozen hamburger, and it looks all nice and big and juicy and you cook it and it shrinks to half its original size! Did you know it’s the fillers thatc cause this to happen? That is why the only burger I’ll ever buy is one free from fillers. At Vince’s we make our burgers by hand each and every day in our meat departments.  And they don’t have those pesky fillers that shrink your burger.

So my suggestion would be to fuel up your weekend with Vince’s Market, especially with fresh made in-store Vince’s Own items ready for the grill. Vince’s Market Own 100% Beef Hamburgers. We make our burgers every single day of the week using 100% pure ground beef, no fillers, no pork, nothing else. We offer three kinds of beef burgers to our community that scream fresh, quality, and convenient;

  • Bacon Cheddar
    • Our signature burger made with chunks of bacon and aged cheddar cheese
  • Smokey Jalapeno
    • If you’re up to a little spice, this one’s for you – not too hot, just right
  • Plain 100% Beef
    • Plain Jane, feel free to add to this blank slate of 100% beef goodness

These burgers are tasty, a healthy size, and will make your BBQ experience an enjoyable one  I’ll be picking up some and enjoying them with my family and friends this 150th Canada Day Weekend.

From all of us at Vince’s Market – enjoy!

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Happy Canada Day!



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