Welcome to Vince’s Customer Appreciation Program

Coterie – pronouced [“koh-tuh-ree”] – noun

  1. A group of people who associate closely
  2. An exclusive group or clique.

What does Coterie mean to Vince’s?

At Vince’s Market, we interpret this word to mean an exclusive group of close friends.

When thinking about you, our customer, there was no better word then “Coterie” to describe you – our exclusive group of close friends.

This new customer appreciation program, “Vince’s Coterie Club”, will reward you – our exclusive group of close friends – with a hassle-free, no strings attached, appreciation program that rewards you with exclusive incentives.

…Welcome to our club!

Why should I sign up?

“Vince’s Coterie Club” is completely FREE and the rewards are REAL! Unlike other programs, we only require your cell phone number – therefore no personal information, no soliciting and no hassle!

Once enrolled in “Vince’s Coterie Club”, you will receive an initial, “super hot offer” (available for mobile signups only).  This is our way of saying thank you for enrolling.  From there, on-going exclusive offers will range from discounts off your favourite items to free products and even community offers, such as tickets to local events.

How does the club work: 2 Ways To Receive Coterie Offers:

Sign Up via TEXT to Your Mobile Device:

Your cellphone number becomes your Coterie Club ID. We use this number to send periodic notification of promotions via a text message.

  1. To sign up to receive your offer on your mobile device, text the word YES (in capital letters) to 81018.
  2. You will receive a text message back confirming your enrollment.
  3. Once received, print your promotional coupon in-store at the Coterie Club Kiosk.
  4. Once printed, simply hand your EXCLUSIVE promotional coupon to our cashier. It is that easy!

Sign Up via Email:

If you do not have a mobile device or simply prefer emails, you can still become a Coterie Club Member:

  1. To sign up now to receive your offers via email, please click here.
Sign Up to Receive Coterie Offers!

Please allow for 2 to 3 business days for processing. Once you are signed up, you will be included on all future Coterie Club Offers by receiving an email with the details. Remember to have your unique Code with you when you visit your local Vince’s Market to take advantage of the great offers.

** Limit of 1 coupon per customer per visit.

Can I print multiple promotional coupons?
No. Once you print your promotional coupon, it deletes off of your personal profile.  You can only use the promotional offer once. Your friends or family members, however, can also sign up individually so they can receive a similar offer.
How often will you be text messaging me promotional coupons?
Promotional offers will be sent by text up to two times per week.  No more!  Don’t worry; it won’t be a nuisance!
Can I opt out of the program?
Of course! Just send a text message back to us!
Do promotions have an expiration?
Yes.  But don’t worry, we will give you ample time to come in and redeem your personal offer.


Only your cellphone number is being collected.  We do not collect other personal information, such as address, name, etc.

Our secure third-party provider stores your phone number and will not use it in any other capacity.

Remember, you can opt out of the program at any time. We want you to feel comfortable.

A full disclosure Privacy Statement is available here on our website.  You will find it here.

Participating Vince’s Market Locations:

Click here to be taken to our Contact page where you will find a map and store hours.

Sign Up to Receive Coterie Offers!


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