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Top 5 Cheeses to Try: Fall in Love with Cheese Festival

gourmet cheese newmarket, sharon, tottenham, uxbridgeWhat happened after an explosion at the cheese factory? All that was left was ‘de brie.’

Okay, enough of the cheesy humour. But it does pay tribute to one of my favourite soft cheeses, named after the region in France where it originated. And yes, the rind can be eaten.

Brie, along with cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, swiss and feta are some of the most common cheeses in Canada – and are likely the ones you’ve already tried. Which begs the question: do you have a taste for a gourmet cheese adventure?

Start Your Gourmet Cheese Adventure

Fall is a ‘Gouda’ Time for Your Gourmet Cheese Adventure. Due to the pungent nature of cheese, some fear the unknown – and never go beyond the mild and familiar. But I’ll tell you there’s a world of new flavours yet to be discovered. And a trip to our store is an ideal first step on the road to cheese appreciation.

Fall in Love with Cheese Festival

Right now, we’re featuring our ‘Fall in Love’ Cheese Festival. Its goal is to build awareness of the cheeses we carry from around the world, and to provide an opportunity to sample some less common, specialty products that you may want to include on your next holiday cheese board.

Here are Our Top 5 Cheese Picks

1. Beaufort: Do you like gruyere? Then try Beaufort, a firm cheese (made from raw cow’s milk) that is ideal for fondue.

2. Taleggio: This table cheese, which originated in Italy’s Lombardy region, has a mild flavour, strong smell and fruity tang.

3. Petit Baskeriu: Produced in the Pyrenees in France, this semi-soft cheese is made from 100% ewe’s milk. It is mild, nutty and slightly fruity.

4. Wookey Hole Farmhouse Cheddar: The constant temperature and humidity of the caves near Somerset, England offer the ideal conditions for a cheddar that is rich, earthy, and with a nutty bite.

5. Persillé de chèvre: This blue-veined goat cheese is hand-made, and features a soft, creamy texture.

Our Gourmet Cheese Challenge: Try a New Cheese Every Week

Find those you like, do a little Google research – and impress your guests at the next holiday party. Or amaze them with a little more cheese humour.

Why didn’t the cheese want to get sliced? It had grater plans…

Okay, that last one was an example of ‘The Gouda, the Bad and the Ugly.’

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– Neil

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