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What is marbling, and why do we age our beef?

At Vince’s Market, we care about the quality of our beef.

In previous blogs, we have shed some light on our Vince’s Ontario Angus Beef program – one that ensures the highest possible quality. But we’d like to dive a little deeper on two factors that have a significant impact on beef quality: Marbling and Aging.


Marbling refers to the fine white flecks of fat you see in the meat. Higher levels of marbling are known to increase tenderness in cooked beef because of the increased moisture it contains. It also impacts flavour. When the marbling begins to melt and coat the muscle fibers surrounding it, it produces a rich buttery texture – and delicious, beefy taste.

All of Vince’s Ontario Angus Reserve Beef is sourced from carcasses which are graded Canada AAA – one of Canada’s highest grades. AAA has more marbling than either A or AA grades.

The Canadian Beef Grading Agency is accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to assess grades in accordance with national standards. A carcass may be graded only after it has been inspected and received the meat inspection stamp indicating that it satisfies all food safety requirements.


Aging is a process where beef is held in a controlled environment of temperature and humidity for a period of time. This process enables the enzymes in the meat to break down naturally, resulting in a higher level of tenderness. Beef is best when aged at least 10-14 days.

All Vince’s Ontario Reserve Angus Beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days, ensuring maximum tenderness.

“The criteria used for the Vince’s Ontario Angus Beef program ensures that every cut will provide the best eating experience” said John Baker, Director of the Ontario Beef Market Development program. “These same quality attributes are also found in many steaks offered in some of the finest steakhouses.”

And with most of us, at least for the time being, being unable to dine out, why not treat yourself to something special – hot off the grill! Drop by our meat department to find out more.

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