Vince’s Market Wishes you Happy Labour Day Weekend – We’re Open!

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Happy Labour Day weekend from all of us at Vince’s Market - we are open and ready to serve you! The summer air is slowly turning cooler and the kids are dreading that first day back to school. As our everyday routines begin to change, so do our eating and food preparation habits. While we may be able to sneak in a few more nights of BBQ, cooking meals in the oven or on the stove top isn’t far off.

But before we turn off the grill for the season, I think this upcoming weekend provides a great final opportunity to celebrate Ontario and all the bounties that it provides while we still can. I’m talking about enjoying more super sweet Ontario corn, peaches, and nectarines. I don’t think much persuading is necessary, especially when it’s about these few items. They are staples in this province when it comes to summer fruits and vegetables and here at Vince’s Market, we are stocked up and ready for this weekend! Or how about a nice juicy steak of your choice? The marbling on a rib steak provides those fatty pockets that bring out the great flavour that any meat lover will enjoy. I’m definitely going to pick something up that I can grill this weekend and savour that last chance we have at a BBQ dinner.

Just as we are scraping off our grill for the last time, we need to be planning dinner ideas for the week ahead. This time of year can be particularly hectic as new routines are formed and getting through that adjustment period can be difficult. Personally I am looking forward to browsing our meat and prepared meat department for some creative and unique dinner options. Our butcher’s take pride in keeping their meat counters looking great and love to mix in imaginative dinner creations. The best part of these selections is that generally they are ready to be fired in the oven without the hassle of any mess or preparation.

I’m looking forward to baking a tasty Swiss cheese and asparagus stuffed chicken breast or letting a nice piece of beef brisket braise in the slow cooker over the course of the day only to have it eaten in mere minutes. The bonus here is that when the kids come home from school and dinner needs to be prepared, these options make it easy. Please make a point to check out our prepared meat sections in our stores. They will lend a hand when needing to decide on a quick, tasty, and healthy option.

This time of year also brings out the best in apples and anything made with apples; including pies, crisps, and turnovers. Ontario apples are a frequent snack for me while at work. Knowing that I’m supporting local farmers, while chomping down on that delicious honey crisp, makes it that much better! Our baked in-store Vince’s Own apple pies and crisps compliment and helps finish off a family dinner perfectly – maybe even with a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream. Have a walk around our bakeries to discover more sweet selections. It’s not hard to find – just follow your nose. :-)

All Vince’s locations are open on the holiday Monday from 8am to 6pm. Our butchers will be preparing fresh cut meat and our produce department will be stocked with all of your favourite fresh fruits and vegetables. We hope you will come in and let us help you celebrate the last weekend of summer!

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5 Helpful Tips for Great Back to School Sandwich Making

sandwich making tips The Sandwich has a very special place in many people’s hearts. Each of us has a particular favourite – a combination that is exclusive to their tastes and style. Maybe it is a hot sandwich served on a classic French roll or a fresh deli sliced turkey on your favourite multigrain sliced bread. With back to school right around the corner, here are 5 helpful tips to make sure you get your quick snack or lunchtime meal just right.

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10 Tips on How to Make Great Jam

how to make jam Last week we discussed vegetable pickling; this week we tackle the art of making jam. With fresh Ontario soft fruit now in season, as well as Wild Ontario Blueberries and other seasonal delights, we often get approached with questions about how to make your own preservatives and jam. You know, making jam was once a great way to use up second-rate fruit from your garden or to use up large quantities of fruit that was bound for the waste bin or the compost. This has often left the misconception that you should just use second-rate fruit for jamming. You can indeed make jam from less than perfect fruit, but the reality is that poor quality fruit makes poor quality jam. Below are 10 tips on making a great jam.

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The Ins and Outs of Food Preservation

food preservation Refrigeration and freezing are probably the most popular forms of food preservation in use today and these techniques can be used on almost all foods. In the case of refrigeration, the idea is to slow bacterial action so that it takes food much longer to spoil. This will make your food last a week or two rather than half a day and has no effect on a food’s taste or texture. In the case of freezing, the idea is to stop bacterial action altogether and frozen bacteria are completely inactive. In general, freezing has minimal effects on vegetables, but often completely changes fruit to become very mushy. Refrigeration’s minimal effects account for its wide popularity.

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August Civic Holiday Seasonal Produce Update from Vince’s Market


fresh wild bluberries Sharon Newmarket Uxbridge Happy August Civic Long Weekend from all of us at Vince’s Market! Here is the seasonal produce update from Carmen. We are right in the middle of Ontario produce season and I am happy to provide you with an update from the Ontario Food Terminal and from our stores. We have had some outstanding farmers producing fantastic fruit and vegetables for us and hope you have enjoyed the products we have sourced.

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Try Vince’s Market’s Marinated and Freshly Prepared Meats!



Brian Johns, Vince’s Market

When I think of ‘unique’, ‘tasty’, and ‘Vince’s, I think of the fresh prepared meats we carry in all three of our locations like our made in-house delicious complement of marinated meats packed with flavour that are ready to be grilled right out of the package. This allows for the convenience we all need when hosting friends and family or just preparing something for ourselves.

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What’s the Big Deal About Ontario Sour (Tart) Cherries?

Fresh Ontario Sour Cherries Here at Vince’s Market, we are now taking orders for 5kg pails of Ontario Sour Cherries at all Vince’s locations. We expect them to be picked this week and available for sale by next week. So for those of you that have never heard or tried these cherries, you may be asking yourself, what do I do with them and what is the big deal?

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At Vince’s We Form Strong Relationships

Local Ontario Farmer At Vince’s Market, our goal is to share our joy of food with those most important to us – our family, our friends and our customers. We do this by continuing to uphold the methods and traditions of doing business that we have practiced for close to three decades. The Vince’s way of doing business is by forming strong, long-standing relationships with suppliers, growers and manufacturers of food products that in turn provide consistent best quality products for your table.

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Vince’s Market Welcomes Seasonal Staff & Summer Favourites from Local Growers

click image to enlarge Summer Break is Officially Here! The kids are out of school, traffic is starting to get better, and it finally makes sense to start booking vacation days. We at Vince’s get our seasonal staff back and the stores are buzzing with excitement as our local growers start to provide our summer favourites

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Seasonal Produce Update from Ontario Food Terminal & Field Growers

Fresh Ontario Strawberries Happy Canada Day Long Weekend! To celebrate, we are happy to be first to the market with a ton of Ontario FRESH produce. This is my favourite time of the year to be in the fruit and vegetable business. We are seeing the first crops of so many of our seasonal favourites. Don’t wait until it’s too late – the Ontario field growing season only lasts for so long. Although the winter was long, the warm spring with just the right amount of rain has led to excellent growth in the fields, and our growing partners are proud of the healthy crops they are supplying. Here is Carmen’s seasonal produce update from the Ontario Food Terminal and Ontario Field Growers:

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