Introducing New Supplier to Vince’s Market – Euro Harvest Bakery

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In an ongoing effort to find our customers innovative and differentiated products from those that you can already purchase from the chain and big brand stores, we spent the past several months searching the GTA for a daily bread provider for our stores. We wanted to find a company who believed in using the very best ingredients, using traditional techniques and produced the very best quality bread products for our customers. We ate a lot of bread… Vince’s Market is proud to introduce Mauro and Rose Candido and their company, Euro Harvest Bakery, as the main supplier of Italian bread and buns at Vince’s Market.

First off, we would like to sincerely thank Nino D’Aversa Bakery for being our supplier of choice for the past two decades. We had a great partnership and appreciate your commitment to our company.

When we found Euro Harvest Bakery and the fantastic people behind the products, we knew we found our match.

Euro Harvest Bakery is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Mauro and Rose Candido. They are the creative minds and talented hands behind the Euro Harvest name. With a background in baking and customer service, Mauro and Rose love to serve their customers the freshest, highest quality baked goods around. “We had a vision, and that’s making quality breads with no preservatives — just simple ingredients such as flour, water and salt,” says Mauro. “You won’t find anything frozen or parbaked here. Just freshly made quality bread, every single day.

Mauro was an account executive and his wife, Rose, worked for a media company. Both had backgrounds in baking that they had never really explored, but in November of 2006, they decided to leave their jobs and give bread, pizza and cakes a try.

Euro Harvest began as a tiny bread supplier in Aurora, Ont. When Mauro and Rose purchased the store as their first step into the business, they had bigger plans for the small place. Eventually moving from Aurora to a larger industrial location in Bolton, Ont., Euro Harvest began to blossom as grocers selected the bakery to supply them with their artisanal breads.

It is what Euro Harvest Bakery was founded on, and is still recognized for today: an abundant selection of handcrafted, preservative-free and authentic artisan breads. Made fresh each morning by in-house baker David D’Agostino, Euro Harvest’s breads are made strictly with “real” ingredients, which means absolutely no preservatives or other chemicals.

We welcome you to try the fantastic new offering at Vince’s Market and let us know what you think! As always we welcome your feedback. You can leave a comment right here on the site or head on over and join in the conversation on Facebook (remember to ‘Like’ the page) and Twitter – (don’t forget to follow us there too).

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