Eat LOCAL this Civic Holiday Weekend

Civic Holiday Ontario

The Civic Holiday in August; a perfect time to make lifetime memories with your family. The Civic Holiday has always been my favourite long weekend of the year as my best memories came from travelling between campfires and barbeques and indulging in the foods that I love. Of course the best part of these occasions were sampling some of Ontario’s finest fruits and veggies.

Fresh, local Ontario corn is on the top of my list. I always enjoy wrapping it in tin foil with a hearty pat of butter tucked inside and roasting it over the open fire. Pair that delicious appetizer with a tender skewer of chicken souvlaki steeped in a Greek marinade and you have yourself a delicious dinner.

As Ontarians we need to spoil ourselves at this time of year with as many local products as possible. I can’t stress this enough. This is one of the few months of the year that our warm weather peaks allowing our local farmers to harvest their crops. Missing out on their delicious offerings would be straight up ‘un-Canadian’. :-) Not only are we supporting the little farm next door but we are nourishing our bodies with mineral and vitamin rich products processed using traditional methods. And boy can you ever taste the difference!

Personally, feeling good about what I’m eating adds pleasure to my eating experience and that is something that is important to me when feeding myself and my family. And, of course all of these fantastic foods can be found across our three locations!

From all of us at Vince’s Market we want to wish you and your family a wonderful Civic Holiday weekend and hope to see you in the stores picking up some of our local selection to share with the special people in your life. We’re open this Monday from 8am-7pm.

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