Homemade Easter Egg Fun

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Growing up my family was always really big on decorating Easter eggs. My mother would always buy at least 2 cartons for me and my sisters to get creative and design them any way we liked. She always supplied us with tons of glitter, color and stickers to choose from, but my favorite was the tie dye eggs; they sure made my fingers really colorful after eating them.

For Easter dinner my mother would always display our eggs that we made that morning as the center piece on the dinner table. Even after Easter was over there were always eggs left and my mother would pack them in our lunches. It was always a colorful surprise. Now that I am older and have moved out of the family home, I still whip up a batch of eggs myself to decorate. :-)

Here are my easy steps to make tie dye eggs:

  1. Place a sheet of plastic wrap underneath several layers of paper towel
  2. Mix water with a bit of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Moisten the paper towel by spraying it with this mixture.
  3. Place several drops of food coloring all over the paper towel. Two to three colors provide cool bright effects. Too many colors result in ones that are muddy and less vibrant.
  4. Place an egg in the middle. Gather the edges of the paper towel towards the egg.
  5. Hold the paper towel tightly close to the top of the egg to ensure a snug wrap. Spray the vinegar solution until the paper towel is soaked.
  6. Gently squeeze out any excess vinegar solution before wrapping in plastic wrap. Secure the top end with a rubber band. Allow the colors to soak in for 1 hour. The longer its sits, the deeper the colors will be.
  7. Unwrap and reveal a cool tie dyed egg!

Fun Fact: In 1985 the town of Homer, Georgia held the World record for an Easter egg hunt. In a small town of 1,100 people there were 80,000 eggs hidden! This is an Easter Sunday tradition that lasted for 47 years. Each year this event draws about 5,000 egg hunters, young and old. Even though it no longer holds the Guinness Book of World Records, the town of Homer has long touted its annual hunt as the world largest.

Here is some fun Easter history for you. Have you ever asked yourself where the colored eggs, cute little bunnies, baby chicks, leg of lamb dinners, and lilies come from? They are all symbols of rebirth and the lamb was a traditional religious sacrifice. The Easter Bunny arose originally as a symbol of fertility, due to the rapid reproduction habits of the hare and rabbit.

We hope you enjoy your Easter festivities. From everyone at Vince’s Market, Happy Easter to you and your family. Now go find those eggs!


Vince’s Newmarket Renovation Update

spring gardening Thank you to all of our patient customers and staff. The end is near with regards to our Vince’s Newmarket renovation. We have completed the majority of equipment and casing switchovers and many are already commenting on how much more open and accessible the store feels.

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Vince’s Market – Seasonal Bakery Update

Vince's Market Bakery At Vince’s Market we try to give you a wide variety of baked goods options to satisfy a variety of tastes.  Let us highlight some new and exciting products and some classic staples in this, our seasonal bakery update.

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Vince’s Market Uxbridge Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary

click image to enlarge

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This week we celebrated a very special milestone for Vince’s Market – March 19th marked the 5th anniversary of the opening of Vince’s Market Uxbridge. We would like to acknowledge and thank the many individuals that have made our new location so successful in its first five years – from the incredible team of staff to our loyal and valued customers.

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Welcome To Vince’s Market New Blog/News Format!

Vince's Market Welcome to Spring break and to our new blog format! If you are receiving this blog via email subscription, as you can see from today’s blog post, we have changed up the look and feel and we hope you will enjoy our new weekly additions, such as a “Meet the Team” profile of a Vince’s staff member, recipe of the week, a direct link to our weekly flyer, and much, much more!

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Vince’s Market Newmarket Renovation Update – March7th

click image to enlarge

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Our Newmarket store has seen some great progress in our expansion and renovation. Our new West entrance is open and providing a ton of natural light into the store. The crews and staff have been working through the night to get through the job of switching in and out old and new fixtures and equipment. The job is not done yet and we anticipate having the entire store renovation completed in time for Easter week.

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Seasonal Produce Available at Vince’s Market – From Carmen

mandarin oranges It sure has been one long, frigid winter – the coldest I can remember in many years and has had somewhat of an impact on Ontario Greenhouse Growers. The lack of sunlight and consistent cold spells has made it a challenge to get the greenhouses producing, but we are now seeing the fruits of their labour. Here is a summary of the seasonal produce available right now In our Vince’s Market stores.

We now have Ontario English Cucumbers (baby English and full English) and Ontario Rhubarb.  In the next week we expect to see the tomatoe varieties begin (Cluster & Hot House) followed by all bell pepper varieties (red, yellow, orange and green). Continue reading

Vince’s Own Product Line – All Natural, Preservative Free

Vinces Own Here at Vince’s Market, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest level of quality and freshness, consistently… every day. To that end, we decided to create our own line of grocery items called Vince’s Own. We wanted the line to match the values that we instil in our business every day so we sourced a local producer who specializes in creating all-natural, preservative free, and artisan products.

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Valentine’s Day Ideas at Vince’s Market

Valentine's Day at Vince's Market Happy Valentine’s Day from Vince’s Market! Cheers to a day of chocolate, flowers and romantic cards galore. Personally, I never understood the purpose of this holiday. I just went along with it and felt extra love on this day.

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Vince’s Market Receives Era Banner’s Reader’s Choice Top Awards

Vince’s Market is very proud to announce we have been awarded The Era Banner Reader’s Choice Awards as follows: • 1st place – Fresh Fruit & Vegetables (18th year running!) • 2nd place- Specialty Grocery Story • 3rd place – Health Food Store • 3rd place – Organic Store ribbon

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