Spring Cheese Boards – 4 Great Varieties

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After our long and cold winter months, it’s refreshing to feel the warmer, sunny days that lie ahead. For me personally, I feel so much more motivated and energized when the weather changes for the better – got a little more spring in my step! This may be true for many of you as spring-cleaning begins and the patio furniture and BBQs get ready for the summer season. Get-togethers and entertaining are on the rise, and you know what that means? It is the kick-off to cheese boards galore. :-) Here are 4 great varieties to try.

Prior to working closely with the Deli team and getting a better understanding of the department as a whole, creating a cheese board used to intimidate me. There are so many different options when it comes to choosing the right cheeses that compliment each other. Now, I have a whole new confidence when it comes to creating the perfect board, here are my suggestions for a Spring Cheese board.

1. Coqueya Manchego – 3, 6 or 12 Month (Semi-hard)

This cheese (pictured above) is imported directly from Quesos Coqueya located in Albacete, Spain. It is produced in one of the most modern factories in the Spanish milk industry, combining the latest technologies and strict hygienic standards. I would suggest offering all three months as taste ranges from mild to strong given the longer aging process.

2. Award-Winning Montesinos Drunken Goat (Semi-soft)

Don’t let the name fool you! This semi-soft goat cheese, from the village of Jumilla – Spain, is soaked in Double Pasta wine for 72 hours. Aged for roughly 75 days, it has a sweet, smooth flavor. Be sure to eat the rind on this cheese as you get a nice subtle taste of wine. Who knew you could get wine and cheese all in one?!

3. Castello Traditional Danish Blue 

This is acknowledged as a full-strength blue cheese. This blue differs from the other cheeses primarily because it is made using homogenized milk in the cheese-making process, which causes the taste to stand out.

4. Alexis De Portneuf Double Cream Brie (Soft)

Brie de Portneuf Double Cream is a double cream, bloomy rind cheese made in the style of Brie from pasteurized cow’s milk and cream. It has a delicate and natural texture with a melting and creamy body and slightly nutty aroma.

What do you serve with these cheeses?

Cheese Accompaniments

While all the above cheeses can most definitely be eaten alone, pairing cheeses enhances the flavors to a whole new level. Some pairings include:

  • Date and Fig cakes
  • Charcuterie – Prosciutto, Serrano Ham, Salametti’s
  • Nuts – Danielle’s Naturals Nut Clusters is a locally made product that has a combination of nuts, maple syrup and salt which is a perfect compliment with cheese
  • Jams/Jellies – Vince’s Own Jellies are locally made and come in a variety of flavors that are sure to please all taste buds.

All of the suggested cheeses above are a good start to your next cheese board. While it is always good to limit your selection to 4-5 cheeses ranging from hard to soft, the possibilities are really endless. Please ask any of our Deli team members for product location of the above items or ask them for their own opinions or suggestions on what to feature too.

I hope you can taste some of these at your next gathering and provide us with feedback. You can leave a comment right here on the site or head on over and join in the conversation on Facebook (remember to ‘Like’ the page) and Twitter – (don’t forget to follow us there too).

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