Try Something New from Ontario Greenhouses

Torreno Tomatoes

Every year we welcome new and innovative products coming straight out of Ontario greenhouses. The increased space and controlled environment allows for Ontario growers to try tasty varieties that would otherwise be too challenging to grow in the fields. We encourage you to try something new!

This week, we highlight a number of new varieties of fresh tomatoes that can add some crunch and zing to a number of dishes. These varietals have their lineage traced back to heirloom tomato varieties. What makes Heirloom tomatoes so unique is they’re grown from seeds that have been passed down for over 50 years. Known for their “old fashioned” flavour, Heirloom Tomatoes vary in colour, pattern, taste and texture.

Tomatoes are best stored at room temperature as they will stop ripening and lose flavour once their temperature drops below 54.5º F (12.5º C). · Tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful natural antioxidant that has been clinically proven to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays in addition to reducing the risks of some kinds of cancers.

Blended Flavors

Bite-sized and full of flavour, Blended Flavours Tomatoes are great for salads and snacking. Blended Flavours are made up of 5 carefully picked varieties of snack-sized tomatoes. Each tomato has a unique colour, pattern, taste and texture, ensuring no two bites are the same.

cherry tomatoes

Terreno™ Naturally Brown Tomatoes

The unique appearance of Terreno™ Tomatoes (pictured above) can change in colour from a green colour, to its ideal DARK brown colour when ripe. Unlike most red coloured tomato varieties, Terreno™ tomatoes can be enjoyed at any colour stage. Derived from the Italian word for “earthly,” Terreno™ Tomatoes are grown using natural growing methods and contain no GMO’s. An epicurean delight, Terreno™ Tomatoes’ sweet balance of flavour will complement your next creative presentation.

Sun Drops™ Grape Tomatoes

Sun Drops™ Sweet Grape Tomatoes are a perfect snacking tomato for any occasion. These naturally grown, bite-sized tomatoes are packed full of sweet flavour, making them great for salads, grilling and kabobs. Sweet Grape Tomatoes are a good source of Vitamin A and an excellent source of Vitamin C.Grown in clusters (like actual grapes), they have a thick skin, little water content, and are rich in natural sugars.

Sun Bites Golden Grape Tomatoes

Sun Bites, like its sister variety Sun Drops™, are sweet grape tomatoes. Sun Bites Sweet Grape Tomatoes pack a punch. Their bright colour, crisp texture and sunny flavour make them fun for snacking, and enhancing your favourite foods.

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Spring Cheese Boards – 4 Great Varieties

Vince's cheeses

After our long and cold winter months, it’s refreshing to feel the warmer, sunny days that lie ahead. For me personally, I feel so much more motivated and energized when the weather changes for the better – got a little more spring in my step! This may be true for many of you as spring-cleaning begins and the patio furniture and BBQs get ready for the summer season. Get-togethers and entertaining are on the rise, and you know what that means? It is the kick-off to cheese boards galore. :-) Here are 4 great varieties to try.

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Locally Grown Produce Arriving at Vince’s Market – April Strawberries!

Ontario greenhouse strawberries Here at Vince’s Market, we are eagerly anticipating some more mild and warm weather to help kickstart the Ontario growing season. The longer days have allowed for Ontario greenhouse growers to begin producing vegetables and this year we have one really fantastic surprise – April Strawberries!


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Happy Easter Weekend from Vince’s Market!

grocery store Uxbridge Newmarket Sharon Ontario Easter is our favourite holiday of the year as it signals the definitive end to winter and beginning of spring. We welcome the return to greenhouse grown Ontario products and the start of the local Foodland Ontario offering. Stay tuned for a seasonal produce update from Carmen in next week’s blog! As always, all Vince’s Market locations are open this holiday Easter Sunday until 5pm!

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Vince’s Market – Easter Ready to Serve Offerings

Vince's Market prepared foods Chef Michael here…It’s amazing just how fast time flies and now Easter is just around the corner.  Who has time to cook with all the hustle and bustle of today’s busy schedules? Easter is a time to spend with family and friends, celebrating spring and new beginnings.  At Vince’s we hope to make this celebration easier and convenient for our valued customer.  Let Vince’s Market take care of those holiday meal needs with any of our heat and serve or ready to serve offerings all available daily in the prepared food section!. All Vince’s Market locations are open this holiday weekend on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday until 5pm!

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Vince’s Market’s Michael Wood – Prepared Foods Chef & Category Manager

Chef Michael Wood At Vince’s Market, we recognize the need to bring our customers healthy, fresh and tasty prepared meal solutions. Everyone is stretched for time, and the supermarket is the perfect place to grab a quick hot meal or something that can be reheated and served to the hungry family quickly. Recognizing this, Vince’s went on the search for an Executive Chef who had the experience and knowledge to bring new and fresh flavours to Vince’s Market Prepared Foods offering. We are pleased to introduce Chef Michael Wood!

A fantastic addition to the management team at Vince’s Market, Michael brings extensive experience and skill to our group. Please read on for a personal message from Michael and to get to know his background better.
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Vince’s Market Social Committee Update

click image to enlarge

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Did you know that Vince’s Market has close to 300 team members? Many of those team members have been with the company for 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years!  One of the most important things about a team member’s experience is that they feel comfortable and enjoy coming to work each day. To encourage building relationships and friendships amongst our team, many years ago we created the Vince’s Social Committee to find ways to engage our team outside of normal work routines.

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Vince’s Market – Offering New Healthy Snack Options

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Vince’s Market Deli Update – 3 Customer Favourites

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February Seasonal Produce Update from Carmen at Vince’s Market

Fresh produce Newmarket Uxbridge Sharon Ontario The Ontario Food Terminal is a chilly place at 5 a.m. this time of year, but that does not stop the daily movement of produce in and out from all over the world. During the winter months, our seasonal produce update is here to help you identify which products are in their prime season from around the world. Hopefully, this will provide you with some inspiration to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meal planning. Here is our February update from Carmen here at Vince’s Market.

Where in the world is all of your produce coming from?
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