Halloween Made Easy!

This year, I’m hoping to be better prepared when the kids come knocking. Which means a trip to Vince’s for hassle-free meal items, desserts and snacks for the family. And beforehand, grab a pumpkin and a few gourds to whip our décor into seasonal shape.

I like to call it “Halloween Made Easy”

And it starts with dinner on the 31st. Last year it went like this: rush home from work, put together something nutritious, sit down with the family – and hope that trick-or-treaters don’t start arriving mid-meal!

Which they did, so this year I’ll be bringing home a few of our Vince’s Own heat-and-serve (or ready-to-serve) meals. Comfort foods like shepherd’s pie, cabbage rolls, mac and cheese, or perhaps one of several varieties of lasagna.

Or perhaps a delicious three-cheese bacon and onion pizza, alongside a spinach and quinoa salad with orange segments and blueberries. Or keep it simple with a golden-brown, cooked to perfection roast chicken.

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