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Tips for Spoiling Dad This Father’s Day

father's dayOkay, perhaps I’m stretching this observation a little, but why is it that Mom receives flowers, chocolates and maybe even a nice piece of jewelry, while Dad gets a wonky tie and greeting card, festooned with spray-painted macaroni?

Because we’re good sports – and besides, the kids have already blown their budgets on Mom. But with a little creativity, we can still make Father’s Day special.

Breakfast in Bed: Simple or Extravagant

Let’s start with breakfast in bed. I know that was my advice for Mom, but the gesture will be equally appreciated. Especially eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast, which are my favourite at least once in a while. Just ask your dad first (or his cardiologist!).

For something a little more posh, you can opt for organic, free-range eggs and naturally-smoked bacon – we carry both. And don’t forget that a side of fresh fruit is always nice.

Sure, this may generate a high pot and pan count, but if you followed the advice in last month’s blog, so did Mother’s Day. And likewise, don’t leave the cleanup for Dad!

Brush Up on Your Grill-Skills

On the topic of food, if he isn’t an early riser, you can still treat Dad later in the day. He may usually be ‘king of the ‘cue,’ but feel free to take over the tongs and spatula – and grill up a juicy steak (along with a baked potato). Our Vince’s ‘Reserve’ tenderloin and top sirloin will elevate the occasion.

Whether or not the way to Dad’s heart is through his stomach, there’s no doubt that quality time still matters. Gifts are nice, but ask any dad and he’ll tell you there’s no replacement for spending time with the family.

Join Him During His Favourite Activities

Is your dad a sports nut? Take him to a ball game. Bonding over beer and hotdogs on a sunny afternoon is hard to top. I’ve always enjoyed golf, but Mark Twain once described it as “a good walk spoiled.” Be sure that golf is really his ‘bag’ and not just yours.

Alternatively, a couple of hours at the pub may be an opportunity to dive a little deeper. Having a great conversation over pints of ale or drams of scotch are the times you’ll both remember years from now.

No matter how you mark the occasion, be sure not to overschedule. What a lot of dads want – including me – is a day without pressure. We love spending time with our families, and will enjoy it even more free from deadlines, chores and rushing around.

And remember, nothing says “I love you” like actually saying the words. But in a pinch, a piece of folded cardboard with uncooked pasta will do. Get out the glue gun kids!

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Happy Father’s Day!


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