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How Vince’s Market Can Help You Eat Healthier in 2017

young couple healthy shoppingThe most recent Power Up blog listed 5 realistic healthy New Year’s resolutions that may be small but carry a powerful punch. They were specific health tips for those with the intention of living more healthfully. The key to reaching your 2017 goals is to set intentions, not resolutions.

Which one of these definitions resonates with you the most?

Resolution: a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner.

Intention: an anticipated outcome that guides your planned actions.

Resolutions are too specific

Some resolutions/decisions are well thought out and planned, while others might be mistaken for wants and wishes.

Set an intention instead

Unlike a resolution, which is a promise you make to yourself, an intention is a mindset. Intentions pave the way for successful resolutions.

Here are a few examples of the difference between the two:

Resolution: I want to lose 10lbs.

Intention: Read food labels and be conscious of added sugars.

Resolution: I want to eat more vegetables.

Intention: Source local and seasonal produce.

Resolution: I want to go to the gym 3 times per week.

Intention: Designate time in my schedule for activity.

Start with a plan

Think about what may have been restricting you from reaching those goals in 2016 and work to break down the hurdles first. If you can’t find time in your schedule to get a workout in, then how are you going to reach the goal of exercise 3 times per week?

Maybe time management is the first thing that needs to be addressed, or you need to find a friend to commit with you for motivation. Create the mindset and everything else will follow!

Are you looking to live a more healthy life? Vince’s Market can help.

With the launch of our Power Up Program we had you, the customer, in mind. We wanted to give our customers the informed option to choose products that will provide you and your family with optimal fuel. We are starting to roll out our Power Up Shelf Talkers and they speak volumes.

What can you expect from a Power Up Approved Item?

  • Clear and transparent labels
  • Ingredients you can pronounce
  • Minimal processing
  • Locally sourced when possible
  • The product has been taste tested and is “food lover approved”
  • Limited sugar and good healthy fats
  • Blood sugar friendly, in most cases

When you go home with at least one Power Up Approved Item you can feel confident you have made a healthier choice. I look forward to more Power Up demos in 2017 and continuing to share my passion for health with you.

What are your New Year’s Intentions? We would love to hear from you!

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To our health & wellbeing in 2017

In-House Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.),
Natural Chef., R.M.T.

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