Vince’s Market is an Independent Grocer located in Sharon, Newmarket and Uxbridge Ontario and we are pleased to announce a new store opening in Tottenham, Ontario slated for 2017. We pride ourselves on fresh departments such as produce, bakery, meat and deli.

Our history runs deep in the areas we serve as the first Vince’s was actually established in Toronto in 1929. The Vince brothers moved the location to Sharon in 1956 as an open air fruit market. Carmen Trimarchi purchased the market in 1986, and has grown the Vince’s “brand”, along with his partners Brian Johns and Giancarlo Trimarchi.

We have evolved to include a full salad bar, catering options – including our famous platters, as well as a full line of grocery and dairy selections in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Vince’s Market is an award-winning chain. In 2017 Vince’s Market was named as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.  “We are so incredibly proud of our Management and Supervisory Team as well as every Team Member at Vince’s.  Our commitment to Quality, Fresh, and Convenience is delivered at every level by our Team,” stated Giancarlo Trimarchi.


They are also recognized as being one of the top Independent Grocers in the country by the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers. (CFIG). In 2014 our Newmarket location was awarded the #1 Small Surface Independent Grocer in South/Central Ontario and placed 2nd nationally in the category.

Locally, our stores have won numerous awards from the local chambers of commerce in which we reside and community newspapers continually recognize the stores through the “Readers Choice Awards” year after year. In 2013, Vince’s Market received the Large Business of the Year award from the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce at the Business Excellence Awards. Since 1989, the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards have recognized Newmarket organizations whose business achievements or community involvement has made significant contributions to the economic and social well-being of the Town of Newmarket. We were truly honoured to receive this award.

We are truly a Canadian Independent Grocer who strives to excel in providing fresh, quality products at great value. Our slogan, “…Because food is one of life’s greatest pleasures” speaks to our consumers about price, quality and the simplicity of the enjoyment food plays in our everyday lives.

Please take a moment to browse the images from our three store locations. And, you can visit our Virtual Tour page by clicking here and take a stroll through our three store locations! And then visit one of the Vince’s Market locations today…

Fresh Food Tradition

Food-Terminal-1024x545The reason Vince’s is able to provide customers with such an exceptional experience when it comes to fresh foods is the manner in which they select and source their products. Carmen Trimarchi, President and Partner of Vince’s Market, attends the Ontario Food Terminal five days a week, starting his day at 5am, so he can look, feel and taste the produce he is buying. Carmen has been purchasing product for 40 years (this year) at the Ontario Food Terminal. His experience and the friendships and connections he has made ensures Vince’s receives the very best of what is available. Being successful has taken a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment. Carmen continues to work side-by-side with his team to ensure that his message of ‘quality first‘ is always kept in mind. There are no shortcuts when it comes to the produce business and we believe it shows year after year.

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